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Song Min
Min Song, Ph.D., Underwood Distinguished Professor
Department of Library and Information Science
Yonsei University

Email) min.song@yonsei.ac.kr

Post Doc Fellow
 ge heo Go Eun Heo, Ph.D. BK+ Fellow
Graduated from Department of Lib.
and Info. Science

Yonsei University

Ph.D. Student
Subin Lee Soobin Lee, Ph.D. Student
Department of Lib. and
Information Science

Yonsei University
Sachung Xie Qing Ph.D. Student
Department of Lib. and
Information Science

Yonsei University
Arida Ferti Syafiandini,
Ph.D. Student

Department of Lib. and
Information Science

Yonsei University
Chamin Chamin Song,
Ph.D. Student
Department of Lib. and
Information Science

Yonsei University

MS Student

Jaeyoung Choi Jaeyoung Choi - LIS Juhee
Juhee Lee - LIS
Seong Deok Kim - LIS Young
Youngsoo Ko - LIS
Jeeyoung Jeeyoung Yoon - LIS Hyunji Hyunji Kim - LIS
HyeLin Park - LIS GyuriSong
Gyuri Song - LIS
Hyunchul Cho
Hyunchul Cho - LIS yuri
Yuri Ahn - LIS
Hee Young
Heeyoung Kim - LIS Yeawon
Yeawon Lee - LIS

Visiting Scholar

Yuzhuo Wang                                    
School of Economics and Management
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Junying Chen
School of Information Management
Wuhan University, China


Lab Alumni - Ph.D.
Erin Hea-Jin Kim, Ph.D.  - Assistant Professor at Gongju University
Keeheon Lee, Ph.D.  - Assistant Professor of UIC at Yonsei University
YongHwan Kim, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor at Chungju University
Seung Han Baek, Ph.D. - Post-doc fellow at Harvard Medical School
Na Kyeong Lee Ph.D. - Administrator at National Assembly Budget Office (first employment)
Zolzaya Dashdorj  PhD.- Assistant Professor at Mongolian National University
Yoo Kyung Jeong, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor at Hannam University
Su Yeon Kim, Ph.D.  - Assistant Professor at Kyonggi University
Tatsawan Timakum, Ph.D.  - Assistant Professor at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand

Lab Alumni - M.A.
Hajin Kim - moved to the states
Meen Chul Kim - Now at Drexel University for Ph.D. study
Yuyoung Kim, M.A. - at KISTEP (first employment)
Su Lyn Hong, M.A. - at MindLab (first employment)
Kyubin Ahn - at Daum KaKao (first employment)
Injun Baek - LIS - MindsLab (first employment)
Hyeonseo Lee, M.A. - in preparation for the PhD program in USA
Reinald Kim Amplayo, M.A. - a PhD student in Edinburgh, UK
Juyoung An - Data scientist at KT
Seun Jeon - Data scientist at  
Jung Eun Ham, M.A. - at Daum Soft (first employment)
Sula Jin, M.A. - at STEPI (first employment) 
Min Chul Lee, M.A. - Kakao AI
Harim Seo, M.A. - Nielsen Korea
YeEun Kim, M.A. -  at Daum Soft (first employment)
Dahee Lee, M.A. - at KIRD (first employment)
HyoJung Jung, M.A. - at STEPI (first employment)
Nam Gi Han, M.A. - Ph.D. study in Japan
Yukyeong Han, M.A.
Kyungmin Yang, M.A.
Haein Oh, M.A.
Seojeong Park, M.A.

Formal Exchange Students
Xinyuan Zhang, Ph.D. - Lecturer at Henan Academy of Big Data,Zhengzhou University
Jiamin Wang, Ph.D. - Assistant professor at Department of information management, School of economics& management, Xidian University

Ying Ding - Indiana University, USA
Christian Lovis - Geneva University, Switzerland
Cong Yu - Google Research in NYC, USA
Cathy Wu - University of Delaware, USA
Luke Huan - University of Kansas, USA
Alex Yates - Temple University, USA
Chris Yang - Drexel University, USA
Erjia Yan - Drexel University, USA
Karin Verspoor -
University of Melbourne, Australia
Hagit Shatkay - University of Delaware, USA
Brook Wu - NJIT, USA
Hongfang Liu - Mayo Clinic, USA

Charidimou, Antreas - Harvard Medical School, USA
Sophia Ananiadou - University of Manchester, UK
Hua Xu -
Vanderbilt University, USA

김선 교수 - Seoul National University, Korea
유환조 교수 - POSTECH, Korea
한욱신 교수 -
이현주 교수 - GIST, Korea
강재우 교수 - Korea University, Korea
이도헌 교수 - KAIST, Korea

홈 페이지: biosoft.kaist.ac.kr/~dhlee/