TSMM (Text & Social Media Mining) Lab

TSMM (Text & Social Media Mining) Lab

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Welcome to Text and Social Media Mining Lab at Yonsei University

연세대학교 텍스트/소셜 미디아 마이닝 연구실에 오신것을 환영합니다.


Informatics develops new uses for information technology, is interested in how people transform technology, and how technology transforms us. Bio and Social Media Informatics Lab seeks various exciting, hard research problems of Informatics such as opinion mining, question answering, topic detection, and literature mining in large scale biomedical as well as social media data sets.

Looking for students who want to work in the lab!

I am looking for PhD students in the area of biomedical text mining or social media mining.
Qualifications for the position are as follows:
1) Earned a Master degree in computer science, information science, or related disciplines
2) Excellent Java programming skills
3) Research experiences

For those who are interested in this position, send the resume at min.song@yonsei.ac.kr