Hyojung Jung

Research Interests

Text Mining, Network Analysis, SNA, Web Mining, Bibliometrics


M. A. Candidate

Department of Library and Information Science, Yonsei University
September 2013 – Present


Department of Library and Information Science, Seoul Women's University
March 2008 – February 2013


Domestic Journal Paper

Lee, K. H., Jung, H. J., & Song, M. (2015). Weighted Subject - Method Network Analysis of Library and Information Science Studies. Journal of the Korean Society for Library and Information Science, 49(3).

Conference Paper

Song, S. J., Heo, G. E.,Kim, H. J., Jung, H. J., Kim, Y. H., & Song, M. (2014). Grounded Feature Selection for Biomedical Relation Extraction by the Combinative Approach. Proceedings of the ACM 8th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Bioinformatics (DTMBIO@CIKM 2014) (p.29-32).

Domestic Conference Paper

Kim, H. J., Jung, H. J., & Song, M. (2014). A Comparison of Author Name Disambiguation Performance through Topic Modeling. Proceedings of the 21th Conference of Korea Society for Information Management, 149-152.


Text Mining based Search Engine System BMT Evaluation Model
Cohesive Ecology of the Cyber Community: A Social Media-driven Approach
ACROPOLIS 3.0: Developing a Big Data-Based Public Opinion Analysis Framework
A Study of the Distributed Parallel-based Machine Learning Model
Big Data-based Future Model of Knowledge Service