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yTextMiner  - Song, M. Text Mining (텍스트 마이닝), 청람출판사, 2017
Song, M., Kim, W.C., Lee, D.H., Heo, G.E., Kang, K.Y. (2015)
                     PKDE4J: Entity and Relation Extraction for Public Knowledge Discovery, 
Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Sentiment Analysis

Acknowledgement Mining

Web-based Annotation System

New Hypothesis Generator -
Baek, S.H., Lee, D.H., Kim, M.J., Lee, J.H., Song, M (2017)
                                                          Enriching Plausible New Hypothesis Generation in PubMed, 
PLoS One
Abnormal User Detector

Novelty Detection of Scholarly Publications
Amplayo, R.K., Hong, S.L. and Song, M. (2018)
                                                                                               Network-based approach to detect novelty of scholarly literature, 
Information Sciences