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Journal Papers

Accepted Papers

1. Lee, K.H., Kim, S.Y., Kim, H.J., Song, M. (2017) Comparative Evaluation on Various Bibliometric Networks by Tomographic Content Analysis: An Application to Parkinson’s Disease, JASIST (SSCI)
2. Baek, S.H., Kim, M.K. Kim, M.J., Kang, M.S., Yoo, H.J., Lee, N. H., Kim, Y.H., Song, M., and Lee, J.H. (2017). Metabolites distinguishing visceral fat obesity and atherogenic traits in the individuals with overweight, Obesity (SCI)
An, J.Y., Kim, N.H., Kan, M.Y., Chandresekaran, M.K., and Song, M. (2017) Exploring Characteristics of Highly Cited Authors according to Citation Location and Content,  JASIST (SSCI)
Song, M., Kim, S.Y., and Lee, K.H. (2017) Ensemble analysis of topical journal ranking in Bioinformatics, JASIST (SSCI)
5. Baek, S.H., Kim, M.K., Kim, M.J. Yoo, H.J., Lee, A., Ji, M.J., Song, M., and Lee, J.H. (2017). Relationship between changes in polyunsaturated fatty acids and aging-related arterial stiffness in overweight subjects 50 years or older over a 3-year period, Journal of Clinical Lipidology (SCI)
Amjad, T., Ding, Y., Xu, J., Zhang, C., Daud, A., Tang, J., & Song, M. (2017)  Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Journal of Informetrics (SSCI)

7. Amplayo, R.K. and Song, M. (2017) An adaptable fine-grained sentiment analysis for summarization of multiple short online reviews, Data & Knowledge Engineering (SCI)
8. Heo, G.E., Kang, K.Y., and Song, M. (2017) Analyzing the field of bioinformatics with the multi-faceted topic modeling technique, BMC Bioinformatics (SCIE)
9. Baek, S.H., Lee, D.H., Kim, M.J., Lee, J.H., Song, M (2017). Enriching Plausible New Hypothesis Generation in PubMed, PLoS One (SCIE)
10. An, J.Y., Jun, S.E., Jones, T.  & Song, M. (submitted) Data-driven Pattern Analysis of Acknowledgements in Biomedical Domain, Journal of Data and Information Management (Inaugural issue)
Kim, M.U.. Baek, I.J., & Song, M.  (2017) Topic Diffusion Analysis of a Weighted Citation Network in Biomedical Literature,  JASIST (SSCI)
Amplayo, R.K., Hong, S.L. and Song, M. (2017) Network-based approach to detect novelty of scholarly literature, Information Sciences (SCI)

Accepted Domestic Papers

Under Review -- Journal:

1. Lee, J.M., Cho, W.S., and Song, M. (2017) Partisan Polarization in the Korean Twitter Network: Ideology and Affect, Government Information Quarterly (SSCI)
2. Song, S.J., Baek, S.H., and Song, M. (2017) Inferring Drug-Protein–Side Effect Relationship from Biomedical Text, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (SCI)
3. Kim, H.J. and Song, M. (2017) Predicting Research Fronts Using a Factor Graph Model, Scientometrics (SSCI) 
4. Yan, E., Wu, C., and Song, M. (2017) The funding factor: A disciplinary examination of the association between research funding and citation impact, Research Evaluation (SCI)
5. Ahn, K.B.,  Lee, H.S. Yan, E., & Song, M. (2017) Investigating the characteristics of author collaboration networks by author-entity bipartite graphs, 
Journal of Informetrics (SSCI)
6. Amplayo, R. K., Lee, S.I., and Song, M. (2017) Incorporating Product Description to Sentiment Topic Models for Improved Aspect Term Extraction, Information Sciences (SCI)
7. Daud, A., Song, M., Hayat, M. K., Amjad, T., & Abbasi, R. A. (submitted) Finding Rising Stars: a Survey, JASIST (SCI)
Lv, Y., Ding, Y., Wild, D., Song, M., Ren, R., & Zhai, Y. (submitted). Data-Driven Drug Discovery in Autism Research: Mapping and predicting autism research from the perspective of drugs. JASIST (SCI)
9. Chen, C., Song, M., & Heo, G.E. (submitted) A Scalable and Adaptive Method for Selecting Semantically Equivalent Cues of Uncertainty, Journal of Informetrics (SSCI)
Lee, N.K., Han, Y.K., Xiong, W., and Song, M. (submitted) Data-driven Trajectory Analysis of the Research Trend in Automobile Fuel, Scientometrics (SSCI)  

Under Review -- Conference:

1. Song, M. Text Mining (텍스트 마이닝), 청람출판사, 2017. (in Korean)
2. Chen, C. and Song, M. Representing Scientific Knowledge, Springer, 2017 

Book Chapters

1. Song, M., & Ding, Y. (2015). Topic modeling: Measuring scholarly impact through the topical lens. In Ding, Y., Rousseau, R., & Wolfram, D. (Eds.) Measuring scholarly impact: Methods and practice. Springer. (book chapter) 

2. Song, M., & Chambers, T. (2015). Text Mining with the Stanford CoreNLP. In Ding, Y., Rousseau, R., & Wolfram, D. (Eds.) Measuring scholarly impact: Methods and practice. Springer. (book chapter)

Published Papers

International Journals (59 SCI-level journal papers have been published since 2010)


1. Xu, J., Ding, Y., Song, M., and Chambers, T. (2016) Author credit-assignment schemas: A comparison and analysis, JASIST (SSCI) IM:2.23
2. Charidimou, A., Fox, Z., Werring, D.J., Song, M. (2016) Mapping the landscape of cerebral amyloid angiopathy research: a informetric analysis perspective, Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry (SCI) IM:5.580

3. Charidimou, A., Song, M., Kim, S.Y. (2016) Exploring cerebral small vessel disease research using informetrics: a first glimpse into microbleeds,  International Journal of Stroke  (SCI) IM:4.029

4. Charidimou, A., Song, M. (2016) Evolving trends in cerebral amyloid angiopathy research themes: Insights from Medical Subject Heading analysis, Journal of the Neurological Sciences (SCI) IM: 2.474
5. Kim, H.J., Jeong, Y.K., Kim, Y.Y., Kang, K.Y., Song, M. (2016) Topic-based Content and Sentiment Analysis of Ebola Virus on Twitter and in the News, Journal of Information Science (SSCI)
6. Wang, B. and Song, M. (2015) Listen from microblog - do people tell us their company performance, Social Science Research Network (http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2648806)
7. Kim, Y.H., Baek, S.H., Charidimou, A., Song, M. (2016). Discovering new genes as a common trigger for pertinent diseases, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (SCI)

8. Jeong, Y.K., Heo, G.E., Kang, K.Y., Yoon, D.S., Song, M. (2016) Trajectory Analysis of the Recent Drug Research Trend in Pancreatic Cancer, Journal of Informetrics  (SSCI)
Dong, X., Xu, J., Ding, Y., Zhang, C., Zhang, K. & Song, M. (2016) Understanding the Correlations between Social Attention and Topic Trends of Scientific Publications, Journal of Data and Information Science (Inaugural issue)
Kim, H.J., Yoon, H.G., Kim, C.O., Song, M. (2016). Opinion Polarity Detection in Twitter Data Combining Topic Modeling and Shrinkage Regression, Journal of Informetrics (SSCI)
11. Verspoor, K., Heo, G.E., Kang, K.Y., and Song, M. (2016) Establishing a baseline for literature mining of human genetic variants and their relationships to disease cohorts, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making (SCIE)
12. Zhu, Y.J., Song, M., and Yan, E. (2016) Identifying Liver Cancer and Its Relations with Diseases, Drugs, and Genes: A Literature-based Approach, PLOS One (SCIE)
Zhu, Y.J., Yan, E., and Song, M. (2016) Understanding the academic landscape of library and information science through faculty hiring data, Scientometrics (SSCI)
Kim, H.J., Jeoung, Y.K., and Song, M. (2016) Content- and Proximity-based Author Co citation Analysis Using Citation Sentences, Journal of Informetrics (SSCI)
15. Lee, K.H., Jung, H.J., and Song, M. (2016) Subject-method topic network analysis in communication studies, Scientometrics (SSCI)
Jung, H.J., Lee, K.H., Song, M. (2016) Examining Characteristics of Traditional and Twitter Citation, Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics
(Inaugural issue)


1. Yu, Q., Ding, Y., Song, M., Song, S.J., Liud, J., Zhange, B. (2015) Tracing dataset usage: Detecting main paths in database citation networks, Journal of Informetrics (SSCI) IM: 2.412
2. Song, M., Han, W.S., and Yu, W.J. (2015) Exploring Dictionary-based Bio-Entity Recognition Techniques, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making (SCIE) IM:1.5
3. Lee, H.Y., Kwak, J.E., Song, M., and Kim, C.W. (2015) Investigating the Relationship of Research and Education in the Field of Machine Learning using Co-phrase Analysis and Topic Modeling, Scientometrics (SSCI) IM:2.274
4. Lee, D.H., Kim, W.C.,  Charidimou, A., and Song, M. (2015) A bird’s-eye view of Alzheimer disease research: reflecting different perspectives of indexers, authors, or citers in mapping the field, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (SCI) IM:3.612
5. Charidimou, A., Fox, Z., Werring, D., Song, M. (2015) Cerebral amyloid angiopathy research: on the verge on an explosion?, International Journal of Stroke  (SCI) IM:4.029
6. Wu, Y., Denny, J., S. Rosenbloom. S. T., Miller, R. A., Giuse, D., Song, M., Xu, H. (2015) Clinical Abbreviation Recognition and Disambiguation, Applied Clinical Informatics (SCIE) IM:0.386

7. Yunjung Pak, Young-jin Kim, Min Song, Yong-Hak Kim. (2015). Shock Waves of Political Risk on the Stock Market: The case of Korean Companies in the U.S. Development and Society 44(1)

8. Song, M., Heo, K.E., and Ding, Y. (2015) SemPathFinder: Semantic Path Analysis for Discovering Publicly Unknown Knowledge, Journal of Informetrics (SSCI) IM: 2.412

9.  Song, M., Kim, W.C., Lee, D.H., Heo, G.E., Kang, K.Y. (2015) PKDE4J: Entity and Relation Extraction for Public Knowledge Discovery, Journal of Biomedical Informatics (SCI) IM: 2.194

10.  Song, M., Kim, H.E.J, Kim, H.J (2015) Exploring Author Name Disambiguation on PubMed-scale, Journal of Informetrics (SSCI) IM: 2.412
11. Song, M. Jeong, Y.K., and Kim, H.J. (2015) Identifying the topology of the K-pop video community on YouTube: A  combined co-comment analysis approach, JASIST (SSCI) IM:2.23


1. Bleik, S., Mishra, M., Huan, J., Song, M. (2014) Text Categorization of Biomedical Data Sets using Graph Kernels and a Controlled Vocabulary, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (SCI)

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citation analysis, JASIST (SSCI)

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Domestic Journals

1. Jin, S. and Song, M. (2016) Text-mining based Measurement of Interdisciplinarity in the fields of Informatics Journals, 정보관리 학회지
2. Jung, H.J., Bea, J.W., Hong, S.L., Park, C.W., and Song, M. (2016). Analysis of Twitter Public Opinion in Different Political Views: A Case Study of Sewol Ferry Accident, 한국언론학보
3. An, J.Y., Ahn, K.B., and Song, M. (2016) Text  Mining  Driven  Content  Analysis  of  Ebola  on  News  Media  and  Scientific  Publications, 문헌정보학회지
4. Kim, Y.Y. and Song, M. (2016) 영화 리뷰 감성분석을 위한 텍스트 마이닝 기반 감성 분류기 구축, Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
1. Hahm, J. E. and Song, M. (2015) Detection of Hidden Knowledge Using a Citation-Based Approach Based on Swanson's ABC Model,
정 보관리학 회지

5. Song, S.J., Kim, S.Y., Song, M. (2015) Investigation of Topic Trends in Information Science by Text Mining Techniques: Mining Information Science-related Conferences in DBLP, 정보관리 학회지
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7. Heo, G.E. and Song, M. (2014). 텍스트 마이닝 기반의 그래프 모델을 이용한 공공지식 추론, 정보관리학 회지
8. Kim, H.J. and Song, M. (2014). 동시출현단어 분석을 통한 국내외 정보학 학회지 연구동향, 정 보관리학회지
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Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems (지능정보연구)
11. Kang, B.I., Song, M., and Jho, H.W. (2013). 토픽 모델링을 이용한 신문 자료의 오피니언 마이닝에 대한 연구 문헌 정보학회지
12. Bae, J.W., Son, J.E., and Song, M. (2013) 텍스트 마이닝을 이용한 2012년 한국 대선 관련 트위터 분석,
13. Heo, G.E. and Song, M. (2013) 저자동시인용 분석과 동시출현단어 분석을 이용한 의료정보학 저널의 지적구조 분석, 정보관리학회지

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16. Kim, M.C., Shim, K.S., Han, N. G., Kim, Y.E., and Song, M. (2013) 트위터 상의 악의적 이용 자동분류, 문 헌정보학 회지
17. Gam M.A. and Song, M. (2013) 텍스트 마이닝을 활용한 신문사에 따른 내용 및 논조 차이점 분석, Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems (지능정보연구)

Accepted Conference Papers

1. Kim, J.D., Yue Wang, Y., Nicola Colic, N., Beak, S.H., Yong Hwan Kim, Y.H., and Song, M., Refactoring the Genia Event Extraction Shared Task Toward a General Framework for IE-Driven KB Development. Proceedings of the 4th BioNLP Shared Task Workshop

Conference Papers

1. Kim, H.J., Oh, J.S., and Song, M. (2015) ConseQE: a Context-sensitive Query Expansion Technique in Biomedical Digital Libraries, ICADL 15
2. Verspoor, K., Heo, G.E., Kang, K.Y., and Song, M. (2015) Extraction of fine-grained semantic relations for the Human Variome, DTMBIO 15
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BICoB 2014

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Under development
Detecting User Query Intent in the Biomedical Domain