Keun Young Kang

Research Interests

Text Mining, Bioinformatics, Bio-text mining, Citation Analysis, Bibliometrics, Social mining


Ph. D. (course)

Department of Library and Information Science, Yonsei University
September 2016 – Present


Department of Library and Information Science, Yonsei University
March 2014 – August 2016
Thesis: A Study on Entity Network applying Co-citation notion (동시인용관계를 활용한 개체 네트워크 연구)


Department of Library and Information Science, Sookmyung Women's University
Department of English Literature, Sookmyung Women's University
March 2009 – Febuary 2014


Journal Papers

Song, M., Kim, M., Kang, K., Kim, Y. H., & Jeon, S. (2018). Application of Public Knowledge Discovery Tool (PKDE4J) to Represent Biomedical Scientific Knowledge. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics, 3, 7. doi:

Song, M., Kang, K., & Young An, J. (2018). Investigating drug–disease interactions in drug–symptom–disease triples via citation relations. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 69(11), 1355-1368. doi: (SSCI)

Heo, G.E., Kang, K.Y., and Song, M. (2017) Analyzing the field of bioinformatics with the multi-faceted topic modeling technique, BMC Bioinformatics. doi: (SCIE) IM: 2.448

Jeong, Y. K., Heo, G. E., Kang, K. Y., Yoon, D. S., & Song, M. (2016). Trajectory analysis of drug-research trends in pancreatic cancer on PubMed and ClinicalTrials. gov. Journal of Informetrics, 10(1), 273-285.

Verspoor, K. M., Heo, G. E., Kang, K. Y., & Song, M. (2016). Establishing a baseline for literature mining human genetic variants and their relationships to disease cohorts. BMC medical informatics and decision making, 16(1), 68.

Kim, E. H. J., Jeong, Y. K., Kim, Y., Kang, K. Y., & Song, M. (2015). Topic-based content and sentiment analysis of Ebola virus on Twitter and in the news. Journal of Information Science, 42(6), 763-781.


Kang, K. Y., Song, S. J., and Song, M (2017). Exploring Entity-Cocitation-Entity Pattern in Medical Informatics. Workshop on Information Managements & Big Data Analysis

Kang, K. Y., An, J. Y., and Song, M (2016). EntityMetrics based Triple Term Extraction 10th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics (DTMBio)


Multi-facet Text-mining System Development for MCMT Analysis
Bio-Synergy Research Center
October. 2014 - Present

Yonsei Junior Research for Convergence Science
ICONS (Institute of Convergence Science)
August. 2016 – September. 2017