Qing Xie

Qing Xie

M.A. | Yonsei University


M.A.student | Yonsei University

2016 - Present

Department of Library and Information Science

Relevant courses: Text Mining, Biomedical Literature Mining, Information Visualization, Archives and Cultural Informatics, and Information Organization.

B.A student | Shenzhen University China

Sep.2011 - July.2015

Department of Electronic Information Engineering

Relevant courses: EDA Technology, Digital Signal Processing, Numerical Computing, Visual Computing Language, Microwave and Antenna, and Neuro Networks.

Exchange Student | Donga University

Sep.2014 - Feb.2015

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Assistant Engineer| Shenzhen Samhoo SCI & Tech CO., LTD, China

May.2015 - Dec.2015

Software department

Learning the professional communications and the company's product series features, Master the use of walkie-talkie(Including program upgrades, adjust frequency, familiar with the product testing process, GUI) Moreover, writing and sort out, SPH6000 and SPM6000 series test cases.

Intern |Konka Electronics Co., Ltd, China


Rotation practice in Television electrical plug assembly and adjustment department,Machine factory department, QC, Storage and transportation department

Deputy Minister|Information Engineering Student Union Shenzhen University, China

Jun.2012 - Sep.2013

Organize the Challenge Cup Contest and Electronic Design Competition;
Writing activities plans and planning, application and reimbursement of the Ministry of funds;
Training freshman video creation skill and hold micro movie contest